Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Global Filipino Nation

A Vision of Our Global Filipino Nation:
All Filipinos are Kababayan at Kapwa Mamamayan
{All Filipinos are Fellow Nationals and Citizens}

Inang Bayan, our Filipino Motherland, is made up of Filipinos who live in our home country and Global Filipinos who live elsewhere around the world. Indeed, we are now a far-flung Global Filipino Nation. Filipinos in the homeland are close to 90 million. Global Filipinos number more than nine million and counting. Every year they contribute substantially to our national economy and to the welfare of countless Filipinos in the homeland.

Ideally, Global Filipinos should also belong and owe allegiance to our Nation-State: The Republic of the Philippines. They should therefore be enabled to enjoy the rights and bear the responsibilities of Filipino citizens in our homeland. Some of them may have to be dual citizens. All should be able to join political parties, cast their votes easily, and freely express their opinion on public issues. To make this condition a reality requires the unstinting cooperation and mutual support of our government, private sector, and civil society and Global Filipino leaders and organizations everywhere.

Bilang mga Filipino, tayong lahat ay mga kababayan at mga kapwa mamamayan ng Republika ng Pilipinas! Wherever we may be, as Filipinos we are all fellow nationals. All of us should also be full-fledged citizens of our Republic of the Philippines.

With God’s blessings, let us put our minds, hearts and wills together to fulfill our vision for our Global Filipino Nation.*

By Jose “Pepe” Abueva,
Kalayaan College at Riverbanks Center, Marikina, Philippines

* Related to this initial vision for Our Global Filipino Nation, I have written a vision, Ang Pagbuo ng Mabuting Lipunan at Mundo (Building the Good Society and World We Want), and a vision for The Indivisible Peace We Seek. Humbly, I’d like to say that I have evolved these visions over many years of study and teaching as a student of politics and governance.


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