Friday, August 11, 2006

The Indivisible Peace We Seek

The Indivisible Peace We Seek

In unity with our people and all humankind
We seek a just and enduring peace,
Law and order and mutual tolerance
At home and around the world.

We want an end to killing and maiming
Because of greed or creed, class or tribe,
‘Cause the poor are weak and the strong aren’t just,
Or whatever reason, or lack of it.

But the peace we seek is much more than
The absence of lethal force and physical violence.
It is “a nonkilling world” devoid of threats
To kill, torture, destroy, impoverish, and humiliate.

It is the tranquil fruit of freedom,
Social justice and human development
"Under the rule of law, truth and love" for
One another, says our Constitution.

It is a just and humane democratic society
Marked by respect and reverence for
The life and rights of every human being,
And learning from all religions and cultures.

It is the positive feeling people have
About their safety and security
As individuals and as members
Of their communities, “local to global.”

It is the gratifying feeling of being
In harmony with one's self,
With fellow men and women and children,
With nature, and with God.

And the empowering feeling of
Solidarity and cooperation with family,
Neighbor and nation, region
And humankind.

With God's grace, this is the indivisible peace
We seek in our time and in the future
As the caring, sharing and democratic nation
And world we hope and want to become.

By Jose V. Abueva
Kalayaan College
Revised June 1, 2006


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